Luxury Redefined by Kylie Jenner's 18th Birthday Bash

August 18th, 2015

Luxury Redefined by Kylie Jenner’s 18th Birthday Bash

To initiate the August month with a bang, Kylie Jenner reignited the gossip columns, Kardashian style. Trending however, was not the teen’s entry into adulthood, although that alone commanded tones of gossip, but the gigantic birthday bash, held at both Los Angeles and Punta Mita Mexico. From the A-star guest list to the birthday gifts, from the Hollywood style performances to the adult-phase dressing, Kylie Jenner celebrated her 18th birthday in pure luxury.

After all, the planet’s most famous teenager had just turned 18. Born in Los Angeles, California some 18 years ago, Kylie Kristen Jenner was introduced to the world as a personality in American reality television, E! Eventually however, Keeping Up with the Kardashians series was only a platform from which the teen would gradually become a socialite, a celebrity model, and in the process, Twitter’s dominant figure with millions of followers.

Held through Sunday night, on August 9, the birthday bash justifiably emerged as perhaps the hippest celeb party of 2015. Interestingly however, her real birthday was on Monday, August 10, but the celeb birthday bash for the world’s most popular teenager started on Sunday evening. Nonetheless, it is not surprising that, with her VIP siblings, a rapper boyfriend, a luxurious clothing line, and a global following, Kylie Jenner would transform a birthday bash to a blow out celeb affair to celebrate turning 18. While almost everything gained commentaries in the gossip grapevine, several occurrences rank as the most significant trends witnessed during the bash.

A Series of Birthday Suits for Adult Kylie

You must start on how Kylie Jenner, as witnessed on Jenner's Instagram. The teenager decided to go blonde with a platinum wig. Within minutes, followers started predicting that Kylie’s blonde wig would last longer than Kim's wig. Unfortunately, on her return from Mexico, she arrives in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning with her conventional black locks. During the birthday bash however, Kylie changed into three different outfits, transforming her look from sexy to sexier as the night wore off.

She started the day with an outfit suitable for children while making her now-common donation. Immediately thereafter, she simultaneously changed into birthday dress outfits only legal among adults. She started with a marvelous couture mini-dress, selected from the Nicholas Jebran line, and bejeweled to the limits. The bluish dress was as daring as creative, in allowing nude panels interlock with a brilliant design. Shortly thereafter, Kylie Jenner changed into a sequined mini-dress, black in color and with a dominant plunging neckline. Her cleavage became part of outlook, and the night was on.

The Birthday Gift-Line

Enough about her dressing style. More than the dresses, the birthday gifts presented to adult Kylie were perhaps the very byline of attendees. Having a rapper boyfriend paid off, as Tyga unveiled the biggest moment of the bash with a pimped white Ferrari. Tyga dedicated a $320,000 Ferrari to the now-adult girlfriend, and the teenager was overwhelmed by the nightclub-style applause at Bootsy Bellows. It is not surprising that among all the gifts received, the birthday girl trended primary for her scream, ��I Gotta Car Though,’ to her BFF’s Kendall and Caitlyn

Star-Line Attendance

The birthday bash would otherwise fail to earn its true status, if not punctuated by the cadre, the who’s who in attendance. This was a star-studded birthday bash. As would be expected, the entire Kardashian clan came for dinner and the late-night party. Kanye West accompanied Kim Kardashian, while Kendall Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, and Kris Jenner completed the family pack. For the boyfriends, Kris Jenner was accompanied by Corey Gamble, as Khloe confirmed recent gossip about her involvement with James Harden.

The attendance also notably included Kylie Jenner’s list of celeb friends, among them Jordyn Woods, Pia Mia, and Stassi Karanikolaou. By morning however, Bootsy Bellows had witnessed the arrival of, Chantel Jeffries, Hailee Steinfeld, Lil Twist, Nina Dobrev, Khalil, Lil Za, Noah Cyrus, and Justin Bieber among many others. The G.I. Joe cast also attended, namely Gigi Hadid and her boyfriend Joe Jonas.

The Event

Kylie Jenner’s birthday party was defined by the luxury of the Bootsy Bellows, from a nightclub setting to the restaurant. Bootsy Bellows is a popular hangout joint for the Hollywood’s finest, currently co-owned by David Arquette at the very core of Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles. During the dinner and the after-party, the bash recorded several performances to spouse the jazz background music. Post Malone, and Fetty Wap performed severally, before Justine Skye led the 'Happy Birthday’ song for the teenager. The next day would allow Kylie Jenner to celebrate her birthday in the four-star luxury hotel in Punta Mita Mexico.

The Zayn Gossip

Finally, as is custom with all gossips, Kylie Jenner’s birthday bash also provided grounds for a grapevine discussion on Zayn Malik. A former star at One Direction, Zayn is often linked with Kylie Jenner with a potential romantic groove. He wore casual jeans and a blue-camouflage jacket over a white t-shirt. Several columns argued that Zayn was dissed by Kylie, even after he had expressed lustrous inclinations on Kylie’s Twitter photo a week earlier. According to the gossip, Zayn could not withstand, and was impressed by, Tyga’s gift stance. He therefore left the bash too early, for a now-officially-confirmed single man who needs to mingle.