Kylie Poses For Interview Magazine

December 29th, 2015

Kylie Jenner channeled Kim Kardashian, her older sister in her racy photo shot for the cover of Interview magazine in this image. Kylie just like Kim exposed her derriere. The photo shows a very confident Kylie who is dressed in a dominatrix outfit which is at opposite end with her public confession of her immense pressure. Kylie has previously acknowledged her her morning anxiety attacks caused by the fear of finding something negative about her on the internet. Jenner's dedication and commitment to update her social media accounts has made her achieve unprecedented fame away from her more famous sisters. It simply proves that social media can build a stars career to an amazing height. Her fans flock her Instagram account which has a whopping 40 million plus followers to simply check her selfies, learn from her makeup tips and try to imitate her surgically enhanced pout. Well, this new racy photo will definitely take her to a new high.