Did Tyga Just Leak the Kylie Jenner sex tape?

May 18th, 2016

It looks like someone (Tyga?) may have shared a private sex tape online this week.  The video was quickly deleted, but one Twitter user claims to have grabbed the video before it was taken down.  We haven't seen any screenshots or clips from the tape yet... but with Tyga being upset after their break-up, who knows what could happen!  Several months ago, Steve Hirsch from Vivid (the same company that released the Kim Kardashian sex tape), offered Kylie $10 million dollars for one.  On May 18, the NZ Herald reported the tape was leaked online... so definitely keep your ears to the ground!

kylie and tyga tape?

Sources are saying the tape was uploaded to Tyga's personal website, but taken down after just 30 minutes.  With the history of the Kardashian clan and sex videos, it would not be very surprising that these two would engage in the same thing.  Some tabloids are saying Kylie has admitted to filming herself, which is no stretch if you consider how many photos and videos she posts to her Instagram.  Apparently $10 million wasn't quite enough for Kylie (or Tyga) to agree to a sex tape, but what if Tyga decides to just release it himself?  They did recently break up after all.  Tyga was reported to say he wanted at least $20 million to release one, and he knows people would LOVE to see Kylie having sex.  If these two don't release a tape soon, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian seem like they definitely will.  Here's to crossing fingers!

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UPDATE 11/3/2016:
A user on Twitter has posted an X-rated video of someone that looks strikingly similar to Kylie Jenner (is that her??) bouncing on top of some guy. Those corn rows could definitely be Kylie, but that does not look like Tyga! They do have an on-again off again relationship, and Kylie does have some crazy blond dreadlocks going on. Anyone see her Halloween costume? Ha!