8 of Kylie Jenner's Best Booty Pictures

August 17th, 2015

Kylie Jenner is no doubt following in her older sister's footsteps (Kim K) and is now one of the worlds biggest sex symbols. Rumors first started flying all over the internet about her oversized lips and now her perfectly rounded booty is in question. Is her over-night famous ass real? Well, we gathered a sexy collection of the now 18 year old's behind so you can be the judge! 

1. Kylie has no problem showing off her asset on her instagram:

2. Looking like Kim's booty more and more everyday. Nice job, Kylie: 

3. Via Kylie's popular Instagram:

4. Kylie's Birthday Bash in Mexico: 

5. Kylie in yoga pants: 

6. Kylie modeling:

7. Kylie's outfit and booty at Coachella: 

8. Kylie's Grammy after-party dress shows off her behind nicely: